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There is one thing that every top marketer and sales person is looking for in a company above all else. It is product-market fit.

You should not look for one without the other.

You have a great product. Does it solve a need? Is there a market for it?

Great, you have a market, but do you have the right product for it?

If you answered no to all of the above questions, keep looking ambitious marketer.

Sure there is a lot of other criteria that you should be looking at when assessing new opportunities, but I would argue that this should be weighted most highly.

Product-market fit is why marketing and sales teams are usually grown after the founders have zeroed in on a market that fits their product or vice-versa. (Notice I used the word ‘grown’, hoping to not imply that these roles are absent in the early days). Once a founding team has achieved what they believe to be the beginnings of product-market fit, it is time to test the theory and hire for growth. This is where marketers come into play.

Luckily, as the smart marketer you are who already knows this, I have discovered a nifty new tool for you that uses just that. It is a job hunting tool made by marketers for marketers, focused on growth companies.

Revel Talent is a recruiting firm that publishes this free tool that lists their top companies based on what they deem to be growth companies (with product-market fit).

They also give you even more data, including amount raised, employee numbers, job openings, etc.

Happy hunting!

Check it out below. Or click here to see the full list data.

Data from revel.silk.co
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