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Last week I got an email from an old friend of mine whom I worked with when she was a brand manager for the healthy energy drink, Celsuis. She recently found herself on a different path forming a band and making music. She is just about to launch their first single and sent me a quick email for some marketing 101 online using social media. My response is a quick, off the top of my head, no structure, help-a-friend-out email, although the essence is there. So, I decided why not publish it. After all, it might be helpful to another friend working on launching a product that may not have online experience.

Mercedes: Jenna!!  Question.. our single (Leaves) is about to release.  Do you have **any** tips on the Twitter thing?  I already know to release it on a Monday, because there’s a #musicmonday hashtag, but if there’s anything else, please advise.  Last time we talked about Twitter, you told me we need to have music (haha duh!).  Anyway… our Twitter, MySpace, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, FB, Musicpage, etc. is all about to launch.


Hey Girl,

Twitter is just a broadcast and engagement tool. There is no secret sauce. The secret sauce is rather in the landing page. If people are to click your tweets, where will they land? What can they do when they get there? Moving back a few steps: Where do people listen to your music? Do you have a website? Facebook, Twitter, MySpace are just ways to share you content, make sure you have a place to host your product and engage the audience that you are trying to drive through Twitter first. You want people that come from Twitter to actually click your page and listen to your song, not bounce.

Next step, if you know you are launching (for this personal project), email all your friends and give them an exact tweet to send out. I say exact, as you want to give as little friction as possible to helping you out.

Okay, now once they have listened, how do you keep them around? Can they “like” your page or subscribe to your email. Create a call-to-action. What is someone who likes your song going to do next? How do you keep them as a fan to engage later when more songs launch?

On a whole, there is really no one thing you can do, so it is tough to just give a “Twitter plan”. It is all an online marketing mix really.

1. Great website with calls-to-action
2. Broadcast to audience
3. Broadcast as many places as possible in communities (try to go viral in communities, get friends who know each other to share)
4. Build brand equity though community (guerrilla marketing) and press

Rinse and repeat.

Also, before all of this… outline your goals. What do you want from this? Do you expect to make money? Knowing your goals is always step one.

Hope this helps!


From experience, I cannot repeat this enough: Landing page, landing page, landing page. A bad landing page with trump any brilliant campaign from being successful.

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