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I have always had a love/hate relationship with public relations. I have been on both sides of the equation (a bombarded journalist and account manager at a PR firm), so I feel for both sides of the deal. That being said, I can’t help but feel that most PR firms don’t care much about you unless you are a Fortune 500.

LOVE                                                         HATE

Connecting with journalists                 Angry/overworked editors whom wish you were dead

The Perks of Press                                 The assumption that press is a marketing strategy

A great interview                                     Pitching to angry/overworked editors who wish you were dead

A great article                                           Inaccurate quotes or a poorly crafter pitch from your firm

At the company I currently work at, we are working our way through the 3 main PR tactics that can be used for press release creation and distribution:

1.Third party PR firm
2. In-house/relationship building (call your friends who are journalists)
3. Press Release online service membership

We recently spent $3k a month for 3 months with a local PR firm for national coverage which would include one major pitch a month. Well, $9k later and three half-assed pitches and not a single play from the deal. All the press we got during the time we had an agency, came from direct personal relationships through our network to journalists. That being said, personal relationships does not work for volume and you can’t call you friends every month with a new announcement. It has got me exploring, as there must be a better way! Time for tactic 3.

So, I started exploring online to actually look into all the resources I have seen around the web these past few years. Here is what I found. I hope it saves you (my fellow marketers) some time in finding the best PR service options on the web).

For sending out releases:

1. PRWeb (under the Vocas umbrella)

2. Marketwire

3. Free Press Release

4. PRLog

5. PRNewswire (A partner of Vocus)

6. GlobalNewswire

For connecting with journalists:

1. HARO (Hire a Reporter Out)- (under the Vocas umbrella)

2. Reporter Connection

3. Expert Tweet

4. PRNewswire

The ones not included are the ones slow to return calls or do not have pricing listed on their website. Why is pricing always a secret!

For Finding a good publicist that is an actual fit:

1. Airpr (coming soon)

This article by Forbes is where I discovered many of these PR services online.

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