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The Time I had Lunch with Val Kilmer…And Had No Idea

Recently, I was on the phone with a startup out of Boston, called Nextly. They had met the founder of the mobile shop that I currently do marketing for in Toronto, Alkarim Nasser, in New York. They were gathering beta testers that could make some time for feedback, and they also were curious about marketing direction, so I happily met them on Skype for a chat. During the intro chit chat we got into talking about my time in LA and experiences there (hopefully not over). I talked about working as a waitress in a restaurant in Malibu that was filled with Hollywood’s A-list, wanna-be’s, surfer locals, and tourists galore.

The Val Kilmer story starts like this: It was a really dead day in the restaurant, great swell and lots of wind meaning all the locals were out on the water (I was miserably jealous). I was one of the only waitresses on shift with only one table. The table had a dad and his son. I got to talking with them and they invited me to sit down and join them for lunch. I had a great time chatting with them. Near the end of their lunch when signing the bill we got on the subject of math and tipping. The dad told me that he was not so good at math, so I asked him what he did for a living. He said he was an actor. As usual, I assumed (he was in a floppy hat, not in the best of shape…to say the least) that he was a struggling actor in LA like the rest of us. I tried to keep the conversation flowing so I asked him if I had perhaps seen any of his work. So he started naming films. Heat, The Saint, “Batman,” chimed in his son. “I actually haven’t seen any of those films,” I responded honestly, which I haven’t. I still assumed he was some background actor that was probably extra number 350.

“Any films I may have seen?” I continued thinking that it would give me a better idea of if he was good at his job or not (not a rational thought, in the least). “He was in Top Gun!” announces his son. “Oh, I have seen that.” (Years ago, I should have added). “What character did you play?”

“I was a fighter pilot,” says the dad casually.

“He was Iceman,” proclaims his son.

“You know, I really don’t remember the film, I saw it so long ago. That is cool though.” I said it as if I was thinking, background character again, in which I was.

Anyway, we finished up lunch, said our good-byes and enjoyed the company. About an hour later, the bartender asked me how my lunch with Val Kilmer was?

“What, Val Kilmer is here! Where?”

“You had lunch with him and his son an hour ago,” he responds with a smirk.

“Oh noooooooooo.”

Just some good old fashion Canadian friendliness, probably why I do well in Hollywood; I will never be the over excited fan girl (excluding the time I met David Gravette, pro skateboarder).

In light of telling the story, I showed up to my desk at work to a box on my desk from Amazon. Gift wrapped was an entire collection of Val Kilmer movies sent to me by Eugene Mann at Nextly! Now that is a great startup, knowing how to be memorable.


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