Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-10

  • Read my new article on Techzulu covering Toronto Based Start Up Readitfor.me | Reads Books for You http://t.co/vAJmM1mS #
  • Fashion retailers and social media: The buying game | The Economist http://t.co/DaZemqf2 /I can't wait! #
  • Action Sports Apps: an article taken from my work on http://t.co/yHBCTVua http://t.co/BLrw7gRB #
  • I have the stomach flu but I got invited to hot yoga. Do I risk it? #
  • I admit, sometimes I Google myself: And when I do, I usually find lots of pictures of me in bikinis that I vaguely remember taking. #
  • The @Fanhattan Facebook app is up http://t.co/49TcQtXX #
  • @WillHise @Cabrinhakites Good call! Should we start by creating an 'I sleep with my kite' Facebook group? #
  • The thing I miss most is my @Cabrinhakites I would sleep with them if it wasn't social awkward. #
  • Piers Morgan is handling the Michelle Bachmann interview well. Not an easy journalistic interview. #
  • It is not a matter of taking jobs but rather about creating jobs. A strong immigration program needs to see this. #

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