Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-17

  • My brother enjoys the perks of America! Skating and drinking is just bigger here! @ Las casuelas nuevas http://t.co/dfkwsxPi #
  • I just installed Highlight App…does that make me in the in crowd? http://t.co/XODuI65W #tech #
  • My mangatar! Is it embarrassing that I enjoyed creating this? http://t.co/4YYrafPp #
  • @IOFlood I saw call what you want to be as if it were, but be able to back it up like crazy (so get on it if that is the case) #
  • Currently American politics is an issue of Big Coefficient thinking vs. New Reality thinking… maybe we should take a peek at the latter #
  • Ya girls!/ Women in business: Still lonely at the top | The Economist http://t.co/Hv81qs1S #women2 0 (not for the quota, but getting there) #
  • @SCANZAI @klout Why thank you! #
  • Hit the nail on the head/ Death To The Page View: http://t.co/Kn4fIw2U (via @mitchjoel) #marketing #
  • Seth's Blog: We say we want a revolution…: http://t.co/JwRCUAtK #
  • In my dreams, I can hear my @Cabrinhakites Switchblades sailing in the wind…come to think of it, they are probably back from Puerto Rico! #
  • @pat_stahl No dice P.Stahl…it seems I am missing epic pow? #
  • This Surf/Skate/DJ Collab Has Us Aching For Some Beach Time http://t.co/FVMRZiXI /Love these looks, so Oz inspired! #fashion #
  • This Week’s Books in 140 Characters http://t.co/6YkLJNRd via @jennahannon #
  • "If your mobile site looks like an App, it’s a hit. If your App looks like a website, it’s a miss." From @Foolproof_UX blog #
  • Dieter Rams: ten principles for good design: http://t.co/mzYdS1ge /I am with ya homie! #
  • @asherhunt Your a busy man Mr. Hunt with an H. Give me a shout when you can, I need a host! #
  • #NowPlaying Bassnectar – Divergent Spectrum on #Spotify http://t.co/d3TyblHF #
  • @FredSheldon1 Ask your buds in biz to connect you and make sure to establish a relationship before flat out asking for funding. Cheers! #
  • @ZeeWil It sounds like you have the reply function down though which is a big help when it comes to positive response! #
  • "Add to Outlook Calendar"–the 90's are over my friends…update this. #
  • Ya ESPN…shame on the others, it is called http://t.co/47eEbmBS and yes, it is an entire social TV platform http://t.co/l0HeXr9D #
  • Inside FI: 'Build your Product #UX with Empathy for the User' by @dweekly http://t.co/zfudEb5z via @founding #
  • Homeless Hotspot…? http://t.co/mLQTK419 #
  • I once read a blog post from an angel investor about cold e-mailing, so I cold e-mailed him…he never responded. #
  • Meet my facebook monster! http://t.co/kOEYANj1 via @visually #
  • 5 Digital Tools to Boost Your Brand in 2012 Infographic http://t.co/gz5DNHeh via @chrisvoss #
  • A nice little Monday…better start working on my Mr. Ghetto-style-booty-quaking to get ready for the weekend… #
  • @IOFlood on men or women? #
  • Raspberry Pi Mini Computer Served Up For $35 http://t.co/MXJVCd0n via @HuffingtonPost #
  • @michaelemeyers Thanks for the follow. I am a fan of your work. Feel free to connect! Cheers! #
  • @Laakea_Photo Don't doubt the leg hair of a Canadian woman…how else are we going to stay warm through winter! #
  • Ha! What about for my hairy legs? Dollar Shave Club http://t.co/vXptVyzw #startups #

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